Hilton Public Housing

`The sharing economy is happening and it is changing our cities. It has the power to both include and to exclude. It encourages ingenuity and has the potential to empower the individual.

As it exists, the architecture associated with space sharing does not have to conform to public building codes and standards and can therefore exclude certain groups; the aged, the disabled. 

We believe that the department of housing should take advantage of the opportunities the shared economy provides, making entrepreneurs out of it’s social housing occupants and bringing a more heterogenous population to the suburb along with their inherent benefits. The social housing occupant who chooses to partake in the shared economy has the incentive to make improvements and to maintain his dwelling. 

The unit therefore is designed to allow for two autonomous occupants to cohabit. 

The unit is able to perform passive solar heating and cooling at all 12 site orientations. 

The construction approach is to ‘spread the fat unevenly’. By using off the shelf construction for the most part, we were able to spend more creating moments of intensity, beauty, extraordinariness; all adjectives that normally get pushed out of the social housing dialogue.